Oscar De La Hoya says he’s glad that fight with “monster” Vitor Belfort didn’t come to fruition: “I think I dodged a bullet there”

By Harry Kettle - June 9, 2022

Oscar De La Hoya has admitted he may have “dodged a bullet” by not fighting former UFC star Vitor Belfort last year.

Oscar De La Hoya, Conor McGregor

Oscar De La Hoya is known for his legendary boxing career as well as Golden Boy Promotions, with both helping to make him a household name in the sport. His last official bout came all the way back in 2008 when he was beaten by Manny Pacquiao, but in September 2021, he was on the verge of meeting Vitor Belfort in a bout sanctioned by the California State Athletic Commission – despite many feeling uneasy about the idea.

He ultimately contracted COVID-19 and was forced to withdraw, with Evander Holyfield stepping in, only to be knocked out with relative ease.

In a recent interview, De La Hoya admitted that it may have been a good thing that the fight didn’t come to fruition.

“I’m glad I didn’t fight this monster of a fighter because he’s a big guy, and he knows what he’s doing,” De La Hoya said. “He’s talented. As old as we were, we can still throw punches. We saw it with Evander Holyfield where he knocked him out. I think I dodged a bullet there.”

“I was in great shape, but I have to admit I was lying to myself,” De La Hoya said. “When I was sparring, I was getting hit a lot. So I was being stubborn. I was in great shape. My reflexes … the videos that I posted, they were legit. They were fast, my reflexes were incredible, but when I was sparring, I was getting hit too much.

“Everything happens for a reason. I’m glad I didn’t fight because obviously he’s a big guy, and he knocked out Evander Holyfield, so everything happens for a reason. I’m glad that I got over it [COVID-19] and I didn’t fight, and now I can just sit back and relax and grow some gray hairs promoting fighters.”

Quotes via MMA Junkie

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