Oscar De La Hoya reveals he received “death threats” which kept him from attending Davis-Garcia post-fight press conference

By Cole Shelton - April 25, 2023

Oscar De La Hoya has explained why he wasn’t in attendance for the Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia post-fight press conference.

Oscar De La Hoya, Ryan Garcia

De La Hoya is Garcia’s longtime promoter and he was vocal about how confident he was in ‘King Ry’ to get the KO against Davis and become boxing’s bigger star. Unfortnately for him, it was Davis winning by a seventh-round body shot TKO. Then, after the event, De La Hoya was not by Garcia at the post-fight press conference, instead it was Golden Boy President Eric Gomez.

Immediately, many fans wondered why Oscar De La Hoya wasn’t with Ryan Garcia after his loss and the former pro boxer claims it was because he received death threats so his security team escorted him out of the building.

“As for myself…… my security team told me – ‘boss, we gotta get the f— out of here’ – because I received death threats. You guys don’t know this, I received death threats throughout the whole week and [my security team] just said it was simply too dangerous, so we got out of there. And plus, Eric Gomez, who is president, who was right there front and center with Ryan Garcia, so there was no issue, no problems,” De La Hoya said (h/t BoxingScene).

“This [talk about me and Hopkins] is all coming from all these PBC minions that are just attacking Ryan, attacking Golden Boy, but it’s all good. Ryan Garcia made this [fight] happen, Tank made this [fight] happen. We had a great fight. The best man won. My hat’s off to you. Tank Davis you’re a great fighter. Ryan Garcia, I have your back, Bernard has your back. We’re with you 1000% and you will be back better than ever, stronger than ever – guaranteed,” De La Hoya continued.

Even though Oscar De La Hoya was not with Ryan Garcia at the post-fight press conference, he says he still is behind him 100%. He is confident Garcia will come back better than ever as ‘King Ry’ plans to move up to 140lbs after cutting down to 136lbs to face Davis.

What do you make of Oscar De La Hoya’s reason as to why he wasn’t with Ryan Garcia at the post-fight press conference?


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