Cain Velasquez reportedly set to corner Gabriel Benitez at UFC Vegas 84

By Cole Shelton - January 9, 2024

Cain Velasquez will be back at a UFC event and in the corner this coming Saturday.

Cain Velasquez

Velasquez is the former UFC heavyweight champion and currently remains free on bail after facing 10 charges, to which he has pled not guilty, which include attempted murder; shooting at an occupied motor vehicle or aircraft; three counts of assault with a firearm; three counts of assault with a deadly weapon; willfully discharging a firearm from a vehicle, and carrying a loaded firearm with intent to commit a felony.

As Cain Velasquez’s court case continues to wait, the former UFC heavyweight champion was able to participate in a Lucha Libre wrestling event. He then got a court order to corner Usman Nurmagomedov at Bellator 300, but now according to MMA reporter Rodrigo Del Campo, Velasquez is set to corner Gabriel Benitez against Jim Miller on Saturday at UFC Vegas 84.

“Just spoke to Gabriel Benitez for an interview airing Thursday on Claro Sports. He confirms that for his fight against Jim Miller this Saturday, his first in almost 18 months, Cain Velazquez will be back in his corner. He last cornered him vs David Onama 2 years ago.”

It will be a special sight for many MMA fans to see Cain Velasquez back at a UFC event and cornering a teammate after everything he has been through. After spending months in jail, Velasquez was on the Keepin’ It 100 podcast and talked about his time in there.

“My mind ran both sides of it – the bad side and the good side,” Velasquez said. “We always have to have faith. It doesn’t matter what position we’re in, where we’re at. We’ve always got to look for the best-case scenario for us and just know that our lives are something much bigger and it’s all going to work out for the best, always… They had me in protective custody. It was very low-key. (There was) only a few people that I was able to kind of hang out with. I guess the good thing about it is you’ve got a lot of alone time with yourself, and the bad thing about it was you’ve got a lot of alone time with yourself…

“I did (hear about the support), and I have, and I just want to thank everyone,” Velasquez continued. “I truly appreciate everyone’s support in all of it. It means so much to me. It gave me a lot of strength when I was in there. I feel it and I just want thank everybody forever for that.”

Cain Velasquez last fought in MMA back in February of 2019 when he suffered a KO loss to Francis Ngannou.


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