WATCH | Colby Covington gets trolled and booed by fans at Miami Heat game

By Cole Shelton - January 9, 2024

Colby Covington was getting heckled by fans at a recent Miami Heat NBA game.

Colby Covington

Covington has hailed himself as The King of Miami, ever since beating Jorge Masvidal by lopsided decision at UFC 272 in March of 2022. However, since scoring that impressive win, ‘Chaos’ has fallen out of favor with some fans due to his actions both in and out of the cage. Prior to his title fight with Leon Edwards at UFC 296, Colby Covington upset many people when he brought up Rocky’s deceased father. Colby’s underwhelming performance against Edwards certainly did not help his cause, and now he’s apparently getting trolled in his own city.

As seen below, Colby Covington was back at home for a Miami Heat game and some fans trolled ‘Chaos’ by saying he is in Jorge Masvidal’s city, while other fans booed him.

“Hey, this is Jorge’s city, brother. This is Jorge’s city, 305, Masvidal. Colby, goodbye. Do something, Jorge’s city, I don’t even know who you are,” the fan is heard saying to Covington while others are booing.

In the video, the person Colby Covington was with began talking back to the fan while ‘Chaos’ told the man he could knock him out. After the two were done talking to one another, Covington thankfully just walked away to his seat. With that said, the fan made it clear that in his opinion, Miami is still Jorge Masvidal’s city.

As of right now, Covington does not have his next fight booked. When and who he will fight in his return is uncertain, but he is apparently healing up a broken foot that he sustained early on his UFC 296 loss to Leon Edwards.

“I broke my foot in like the first 30 seconds of the fight, that people don’t know about yet – the X-rays will start coming out. The first minute of the fight,” Colby Covington said on the PBD Podcast. “I have the picture on my phone, the exact moment where it landed on his elbow. You feel it swelling up. At the end of the first round, you’re like man that hurts. Usually I sit on the stool, and I didn’t want to sit down on the stool. Landed right on the right elbow, the top of the foot. I wasn’t really able to step on it, so that’s why he was landing a couple of kicks on my right thigh. Because my left foot was broken, so I was kind of putting all my weight on my right thigh. That’s terrible.”

Colby Covington is currently 17-4 as a pro and is 2-3 in his last five fights, with all three losses being for the title.


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