Colby Covington claims he broke his foot in the opening minute of his fight with Leon Edwards at UFC 296

By Susan Cox - December 21, 2023

Colby Covington is now claiming he broke his foot in the opening minute of his fight with Leon Edwards at UFC 296.

Leon Edwards and Colby Covington

UFC 296 saw Leon Edwards (21-3 MMA) defeat Colby Covington (17-3 MMA) by unanimous decision in the main event welterweight title fight. Edwards would remain the UFC welterweight champion.

Following the loss, Covington has shared that he believed he should have won the fight and that the judges were biased based on his association with former president Donald Trump.

Well, now apparently Covington has another reason for not winning last Saturday night, that being the fact that he broke his foot mere seconds into Round 1.

It was during an appearance on the ‘PBD’ podcast that Colby Covington shared the news of the injury he incurred on December 16th:

“I broke my foot in like the first 30 seconds of the fight, that people don’t know about yet – the X-rays will start coming out. The first minute of the fight. I have the picture on my phone, the exact moment where it landed on his elbow.”

Continuing ‘Chaos’ stated:

“You feel it swelling up. At the end of the first round, you’re like man that hurts. Usually I sit on the stool, and I didn’t want to sit down on the stool. Landed right on the right elbow, the top of the foot.”

“I wasn’t really able to step on it, so that’s why he was landing a couple of kicks on my right thigh. Because my left foot was broken, so I was kind of putting all my weight on my right thigh. That’s terrible.”

Colby Covington and Leon Edwards

Further elaborating, Colby Covington said:

“Towards the end of the fight, I was like just deal with the pain and start lifting up your right leg and start checking some of these kicks. He didn’t start kicking after the fourth round, because he was feeling that I was catching his timing with the kicks, and he didn’t want to break his leg on my knee.”

Concluding, the 35-year-old confirmed he’s no quitter saying (h/t MMAFighting):

“It’s tough. It limits your mobility. I couldn’t really move after that. I was kind of stuck in place, and I was just trying to make sure that I could get through the fight. I never quit.”

So there you have it.  Perhaps as ‘Chaos’ said – the truth will come out in the x-ray. The question is do you believe it?

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