Colby Covington says Leon Edwards’ dad is “the same level of bad guy” as Adolf Hitler

By Cole Shelton - December 21, 2023

Colby Covington believes Leon Edwards’ deceased father is on the same level of bad as Adolf Hitler.

Colby Covington and Leon Edwards

At the UFC 296 press conference, Covington took aim at Edwards’ dad who was murdered, saying he would bring the Brit to hell so he could say hi to him. Edwards immediately threw a water bottle at Covington and stood up as the two had to be separated by security guards.

Following the event, where Leon Edwards defended his welterweight title with rather ease as he beat Colby Covington by decision, UFC CEO Dana White admitted he was bothered by what ‘Chaos’ said at the press conference.

“Absolutely. It bothered everybody,” White said at the UFC 296 post-fight press conference about Colby Covington’s comments. “What I say is true. We’re in the fight game, and lots of mean things are said. (But) one of the things that I really don’t like is family (trash talk). When you start going after family, whether it’s the kids, the wife, the parents, whatever, it’s just such a nasty thing to do.

“But again, this is one of those sports where you say horrible things, and then 24 hours later it goes down, and that’s why tonight you saw Leon’s corner going crazy, and I went over and I said, ‘Guys, listen, you won. You won in the most dominant possible way to win. You outwrestled. You outstruck. You completely dominated tonight. If this turns into what it could possibly turn into, he’s going to get fined. And it’s not worth it,” White continued about what Covington said.

Now, following the event, Colby Covington went on the PBD Podcast and doubled down on his comments about Leon Edwards’ dad as he claims he’s on the same level as Adolf Hitler.

“I’m doubling down, why would I feel bad for anything I say for someone is such a criminal and put so much pain in people’s lives? I’m not going to feel bad for someone like that. Just like Hitler, he was a terrible person, I’m not comparing him to Hitler, I’m saying he is the same level of bad guy,” Covington said.

The host cut Colby Covington off asking if he really thinks Leon Edwards’ dad is like Adolf Hitler, when ‘Chaos’ said they were the same level of bad.

Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazi Party from 1921 until 1945. During his time as leader, he was a key reason for the Holocaust starting as well as World War II as he played a role in the death of over 6 million Jews.

As of right now, Leon Edwards has yet to comment on Colby Covington’s latest remarks, and whether or not he will remains to be seen.


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