Dana White supports Irish boxer Callum Walsh: “We’re gonna help build the kid and see if we can get him to a world title”

By Zain Bando - August 15, 2023

Although UFC president Dana White isn’t directly involved in boxing, that isn’t to say that he has his favorites. This observation can be noted when discussing “King” Callum Walsh, one of the brightest young prospects in the sport.

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Dana White has been an avid supporter of Callum Walsh since the middle of 2022, where he has been regularly seen attending Walsh’s fights, including his most recent stoppage of Wesley Tucker in the spring. The victory makes Walsh unbeaten in his last seven fights, and White is keen on ensuring the 21-year-old’s trajectory stays consistent.

In the newest episode of “Dana White: Lookin’ For a Fight,” White had high praise for Walsh after the victory and wants to see him remain with long-time boxing trainer and icon, Freddie Roach.

”Freddie’s at a point in his career, he isn’t working with anybody that he does not think has serious potential,” White said.

Dana White added, saying Walsh already possesses his greatest attribute.

“Callum is a very talented guy,” White said. “He’s got unbelievable knockout power.”

White wants to see big things out of Walsh in the future and plans to support him throughout his career, he said.

“What I love about the way they’re moving this kid is fighting real guys with real records,” White said.

Though ambitious, White said he wants Walsh to reach his highest potential.

“We’re gonna help build the kid and see if we can get him to a world title,” White said.

Dana White had a hand in co-promoting Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor in 2017, one of the most successful boxing pay-per-views from the past two decades, and all-time. Despite rumblings of the launch of Zuffa Boxing, White, 54, has yet to pull the trigger on transitioning into the sweet science as a promoter.

Nonetheless, White’s motivation in seeing Walsh’s success is adamant.

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