Jack Della Maddalena explains what made Kevin Holland tricky in Noche UFC victory

By Fernando Quiles - September 17, 2023

Jack Della Maddalena admits that getting past Kevin Holland was no easy task.

Jack Della Maddalena Kevin Holland

Maddalena and Holland shared the Octagon inside the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada in the co-main event of Noche UFC. The bout was tough to score, as both men had success in the standup but were equally as effective with their defense. Ultimately, this one went the distance and ended in a split decision. Two of the three judges scored the fight for Maddalena, awarding him the win.


Jack Della Maddalena Speaks On What Made Kevin Holland A Tough Opponent

Speaking to reporters during the Noche UFC post-fight press conference, Jack Della Maddalena admitted that he had to be patient because Holland was quite tricky. He revealed what made his opponent a tough puzzle to solve (via MMAJunkie).

“He’s hard to read and I didn’t know what to expect going in there, so I just wanted to be defensively sound in landing shots,” Della Maddalena said. “I wanted to try to take him out into the last round, but yeah, he was hard to read.

“… I was trying (to get a finish). I’ve got to be defensively sound. I’ve got to try to not get my head splattered across the cage. I want to be defensively sound and pick my shots. I was trying.”

Maddalena went on to reveal whether or not he sees himself having another fight before 2023 comes to a close.

“I probably want to get one more in before the end of the year,” Della Maddalena said. “I’ll just go back home, make the long journey home, get back into training and try to book the next fight.”

With the win over Holland, Maddalena will now move up at least one spot in the official UFC welterweight rankings. Maddalena had the number 14 spot, while Holland held the 13th position.


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