Kevin Holland issues statement following Noche UFC loss to Jack Della Maddalena

By Fernando Quiles - September 17, 2023

Kevin Holland has released a brief statement on his Noche UFC defeat to Jack Della Maddalena.

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The two welterweights collided in the event’s co-headliner. Fans knew ahead of time that these two would be evenly matched and that hunch was correct. This one was scheduled for three rounds and it went the distance. One judge scored the fight for Holland, but that score was overruled by the other two judges who saw the fight going Maddalena’s way. Maddalena extended his winning streak to 16, while Holland’s two-fight streak was snapped.


Kevin Holland Releases Statement Following Noche UFC Loss

Kevin Holland took to his Instagram account to issue a quick statement.

“Well, guys, sorry about that,” Holland said.

“I fooked that up.” Holland wrote.

Holland followed that up with a humorous challenge to Neil Magny.

“Props to jack good guard I’d like to go watch it back! I see y’all talking about poor performance I really honestly thought I out worked dude but wth do I know for those that ride with me how about @neil_magny170 loser cuts there hair.”

Maddalena admitted during the Noche UFC post-fight press conference that he felt Holland was quite tricky, and he knew he had to be patient in order to win the fight.

“He’s hard to read and I didn’t know what to expect going in there, so I just wanted to be defensively sound in landing shots,” Della Maddalena said. “I wanted to try to take him out into the last round, but yeah, he was hard to read.

“… I was trying (to get a finish). I’ve got to be defensively sound. I’ve got to try to not get my head splattered across the cage. I want to be defensively sound and pick my shots. I was trying.”


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