Kevin ‘Baby Slice’ Ferguson Jr. News


VIDEO | Kevin 'Baby Slice' Ferguson Jr. talks about fighting and how the death of his father changed him

Russell Ess - July 28, 2016

The eldest son of the late Kimbo Slice is set to make his professional MMA debut at Bellator 160 on August 26.

Kevin 'Baby Slice' Ferguson Jr.

Kimbo Slice's oldest son, Kevin "Baby Slice" Ferguson Jr. set to make Bellator debut

Russell Ess - July 26, 2016

Kevin Ferguson Jr. is set to make his Bellator MMA debut next month, according to an Associated Press report by ESPN. If the name sounds familiar, Ferguson Jr. is the oldest son of the late Kevin Ferguson, who was better known as Kimbo Slice.


VIDEO | MMA debut for Kimbo Slice’s son, Kevin ‘Baby Slice’ Ferguson Jr. vs. Tom Brink

Russell Ess - March 25, 2016

Kevin Ferguson Jr. made his amateur MMA debut earlier this month at Warrior Nation: XFA XII. As word spread about who Kevin Ferguson Jr. was, the buzz for the small fight promotion’s card gained a lot of attention.

Kevin 'Baby Slice' Ferguson Jr.

Kimbo Slice's son, Kevin 'Baby Slice' Ferguson Jr. makes MMA debut

Russell Ess - March 18, 2016

Kimbo Slice simply grabs the people’s attention. In his last controversial fight with Dada 5000 where he also happened to fail a drug test at Bellator 149, Spike TV said in a press release that a card with Slice on it once again broke a Bellator record. “Bellator 149 shattered viewership records for Bellator MMA, averaging 2 million viewers for the entire 3-hour fight card on Friday, February 19 (9:00-12:04am ET/PT), peaking with Kimbo Slice’s three-round brawl with Dada 5000 averaging 2.5 million viewers (11:16pm-11:30pm) and a 2.3 rating with Men 18-34. The main event featuring MMA legends Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock drew 2.4 million viewers (11:54pm-11:57pm).”