Mike Perry and Darren Till trade verbal jabs over previous sparring session: “I’d knock you clean out with a jab”

By Harry Kettle - October 3, 2023

Mike Perry and Darren Till have gone back and forth with one another over a previous sparring battle and a future boxing match.

Mike Perry, Darren Till

For years, Mike Perry and Darren Till have had an interesting relationship. They haven’t actually competed against one another in a professional bout, but they’ve had a sparring session together – and they’ve bounced back and forth between being enemies and friends.

In recent weeks, however, there’s been revived talk of a boxing match between them. Till hasn’t fought since leaving the UFC, whereas Perry has made a real name for himself as the king of bare-knuckle.


During a recent podcast, the two had an interesting conversation regarding their history – and potential future.

Till vs Perry

Till: “My boxing’s just on fire at the moment. I think I would probably knock you out with a jab. Like, that’s just me being real, bro. I don’t know, man. I think I’d knock you clean out with a jab.”

Perry: “Yeah, when we sparred those years ago, your boxing, you had a good straight left, you had your muay Thai hips, but I ate that straight left because I wanted to feel it. Then I just got inside and boop, boop, boop.”

Till then suggested that their sparring session was a war, but Perry disagreed.

Perry: “It was fun, but it wasn’t a war. We were both holding back. It was awkward training at a random time.”

Till: “Everyone asks who won. Let me tell you something: For the last six years, I have never once mentioned who won the spar because I just think sparring doesn’t mean a thing. So, Mike cut me actually. And then the guy came out and said that he thought I won, but I don’t carry any weight with that.”

‘Platinum’ then had quite the response.

Perry: “Well, that’s your choice. See me, I’ve been going into sparring for the past couple years, thinking there are people there to watch. There are families, there are people who watch when I get in the ring at the gym, and they f*cking stand there and, just like the fans at a show, they want to be entertained.

“And they’re going to make a decision mentally, even if they don’t say so, who won in their head. How is Mike looking? How did he do? Does he look like he’s ready for a fight? So I go into sparring with the mentality that it’s me or it’s you, and I’m winning every f*cking chance I get.”

Quotes via MMA Junkie

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