Renato Moicano takes aim at “delusional” Michael Chandler: “Conor is not going to fight him”

By Harry Kettle - October 3, 2023

UFC lightweight Renato Moicano has hit out at Michael Chandler as he continues to wait for a fight against Conor McGregor.

Michael Chandler

For almost a year now, fans have been waiting for an official announcement regarding a fight between Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler. After their season of coaching on The Ultimate Fighter, it really did seem like just a matter of time – but up to this point, nothing has been confirmed. At this point, many wonder whether or not it would be better for Chandler to move on to something else as the uncertainty continues to flood in regarding the Irishman.


That includes his divisional rival Renato Moicano, who had the following to say on the matter in a recent interview.

Moicano sends a message to Chandler

“The division is a mess right now,” Moicano said. “We have guys like Michael Chandler, he’s delusional… Conor [McGregor] is not going to fight him. Maybe never…Conor is on another level of craziness right now, we can see from the past two years how [much] stuff he’s been doing outside of UFC, and I think he loves the attention, but he doesn’t like to fight anymore…

“Chandler, get over it my brother, you’re not going to have this fight…I don’t know what Chandler is going to do.”

Quotes via MMA News

Michael Chandler certainly deserves a high-profile match-up like this. Alas, if a few more months go by and nothing happens, he may need to consider taking Moicano’s advice.

Do you think we’re going to see Michael Chandler take on Conor McGregor in the UFC? If so, when do you think it’s going to happen and who will win? Let us know your thoughts on this saga, BJPENN Nation!


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