Paul Felder explains why he doubts Paddy Pimblett can beat any ranked lightweight after his UFC 296 performance

By Cole Shelton - December 29, 2023

Paul Felder doesn’t think Paddy Pimblett would have success against any of the ranked lightweights in the UFC.

Paul Felder and Paddy Pimblett

Pimblett improved to 5-0 in the UFC with a one-sided decision win over Tony Ferguson at UFC 296. With that said, the Brit wasn’t able to finish the aging veteran and actually started to gas in the third round.

Many believe Paddy Pimblett would be in line to fight someone in the top 15 following the event. Yet, if that happens, Paul Felder doesn’t think it will go well for ‘The Baddy’ as he thinks that was the worst Tony Ferguson has looked and Pimblett still wasn’t able to put him away.

“I will start with this. Of course, he can. We know that it’s MMA, anything can happen. “But if we we are gonna sit here and make bets, and if I had to predict, no, I really don’t think so. I mean, he struggled to get a Tony out of there who looked the worst he’s ever looked in his career… I really don’t think so,” Felder said on UFC Rundown. “He was able to hurt Tony a little bit, but he really should have been able to put him away, man. Not taking anything against him, he knew he was going to be in for a hard one, even if he won this fight. He said it in the media day that we were going to criticize him even if he wins and didn’t go out there and maybe get him out of there. Here we are criticizing him.”

Paul Felder’s co-host, Michael Chiesa seemingly agreed, and after the two saw the top-15 at lightweight, believes Paddy Pimblett won’t beat any ranked opponent.

“I’m telling you now, right now at this point in time, he can’t, he can’t. If you are going to say the best guy he has a shot against, let’s just take the low-hanging fruit and say the oldest guy. You are talking about Drew Dober and Bobby Green. Well, leave your chin up against Drew Dober, you are getting caught with a left hand. Bobby Green might style on you,” Chiesa said about Pimblett.

Although Paul Felder and Michael Chiesa don’t think Paddy Pimblett will be able to beat any ranked opponents right now, whether or not the Brit even receives a ranked opponent next remains to be seen. The UFC could decide to slowly build Pimblett up and give him another veteran like they did with Ferguson.


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