UFC Ottawa Results: Donald Cerrone defeats Al Iaquinta (Highlights)

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A key lightweight bout between perennial division contenders Donald Cerrone and Al Iaquinta headlined tonight’s UFC Ottawa event.

Donald Cerrone (35-11 MMA) enters tonight’s contest on a two-fight win streak. ‘Cowboy’ scored stoppage victories over Mike Perry and Alex Hernandez in his most recent octagon appearances.

Meanwhile, Al Iaquinta (14-4-1 MMA) was most recently seen in action this past December, where he scored a unanimous decision victory over Kevin Lee. ‘Raging Al’ has won six of his past seven fights overall entering tonight’s main event.

Round one of the UFC Ottawa main event begins and the fighters touch gloves. Cerrone comes forward with a jab. Iaquinta with a kick to the body. Cerrone takes the center of the octagon but Al fires off another kick. Both men with low kicks. Iaquinta with a nice combination. He lands another low kick. Cerrone tries to stick his jab. Iaquinta circles and then tries a jab to the body. Cowboy nearly catches him with a high kick. Iaquinta has some fast hands. He lands a good counter following a Donald Cerrone jab. Cowboy leaps in with a good combination. Al Iaquinta with a Wild right that misses the mark. Two minutes remain in the opening round. Al Iaquinta with a good right hand. That got Cerrone’s attention. Cowboy with a front kick. Iaquinta charges forward with a flurry. He looks confident. Donald Cerrone lands a good hook and then an uppercut. He follows those strikes up with a body kick. Iaquinta shoots in but eats a knee. That was a heavy blow. Al with a right hand over the top. Cerrone looks for a kick. The horn sounds to end round one.

Round two of the UFC Ottawa main event begins and Iaquinta comes forward with a flurry. Cerrone ducks and counters nicely. Cowboy with a hard low kick. ‘Raging Al’ circle and then leaps in with a straight right. Cerrone with a low kick but Al counters with a jab. Both men land jabs up the middle. Cerrone lands a pair of low kicks. Iaquinta replies with one of his own. He lands a good right hand and then another. Cerrone remains standing but those were big shots. Cowboy with a jab but Iaquinta counters with a nasty inside low kick. Al is forcing the issue now. He lands a crisp left. Cerrone attempts a combination that ends in a good right hand. Both men with low kicks. Donald Cerrone goes to the body. Iaquinta circles to his right and lands a jab. He lands another and then a combination. Big shots from Al and Cerrone appears rocked. The horn sounds to end round two.

Round three begins and the fighters touch gloves. Iaquinta with a low kick and then one to the body for good measure. Cerrone snaps off a jab. Al with a low kick. Cerrone misses high but lands a low kick. Another jab from Cowboy. Iaquinta goes to the body with a kick. He lands a hook to the ribs of Cerrone. Donald comes forward with a flurry. Al answers with a jab. Donald Cerrone with a big body kick. Iaquinta is trying to get inside but Cerrone is keeping him at bay with his jab. Iaquinta circles. He is bleeding from his nose. Cerrone with a low kick. Iaquinta returns fire. Two minutes remain. Both men lands jabs up the middle. Iaquinta circles to his left and paws with his jab. Cerrone with a good straight left that snaps back the head of Iaquinta. ‘Raging Al’ stands in the pocket and trades. Cerrone goes high with a kick but it is blocked. Iaquinta with a hard low kick and then just misses with a right hand. Cerrone comes forward and lands a low kick. Al circles but Cerrone cuts him off with another kick. Cerrone with a left hand that drops Iaquinta. He follows up with ground and pound but the horn sounds to end round three.

Round four begins and Cerrone lands a low kick. Iaquinta looks to come forward but eats a front kick. Iaquinta is hurt and falls to the ground. Al is back up to his feet but he is hurt. Donald Cerrone is all over him. A big low kick lands for Cowboy. He snaps a plethora of jabs in the face of Iaquinta. Al circles out to his right. He lands a big left hook that appears to stun Cerrone. Cowboy fires off a low kick. He goes high but it is blocked. Al with another good left hook. Donald returns fire with a jab and then a body kick. Cerrone with a nice uppercut. Ninety seconds remain. Cerrone with a combination. Iaquinta rips the body with a hook. Another hard low kick lands for Cowboy. Iaquinta looks for a takedown but it is not there. Cerrone with a flurry of punches. Al retreats and avoids any significance damage. Al looks for a single leg but it is not there. The horn sounds to end round four.

The fifth and final round of the UFC Ottawa main event begins and Iaquinta leaps in with a right hand. He is likely behind on the judges scorecards. Cerrone snaps a jab and then lands a hard outside low kick. Iaquinta looks for a looping left that just misses. Cerrone touches him with a jab. Al’s face is a mess. Cerrone with another heavy low kick. Iaquinta returns fire bur Cerrone just continues to wreck his front leg. Cowboy goes high with a kick but it is blocked. Iaquinta lands a big right hand. Cerrone with a front kick but Al lands another straight right. Cowboy with a low kick. Iaquinta with a left but Cerrone replies with a flurry. One minute remains. ‘Raging Al’ with a left hand. Cerrone goes for a high kick that is blocked. Iaquinta with a head kick that partially lands. Cerrone moves forward with a flurry. Iaquinta fires right back. Cerrone with pressure he lands a knee and then a big shot. The horn sounds to end a terrific fight.

UFC Ottawa Official Result: Donald Cerrone def. Al Iaquinta via unanimous decision (49-45 x2, 49-46)

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