Video | Gordon Ryan slaps Andre Galvao in backstage scuffle

By Chris Taylor - February 27, 2021

Gordon Ryan slapped long-time rival Andre Galvao backstage shortly following his match at last night’s “Who’s number one” event.

Gordon Ryan

Ryan returned to action in last night’s co-main event for a match with Roberto Jimenez. Moments prior to his walkout, Gordon took to social media where he shared the following bold prediction for the contest.

“I’m about to go compete. I’ll be finishing this one via mounted arm bar.” – Ryan predicted.

Ultimately Gordon Ryan was able to do just that, as he proceeded to snap Jimenez’s arm from the mounted position.

Immediately following the contest Ryan was making his way backstage to conduct an interview. That is when he crossed paths with longtime rival Andre Galvao. It is not clear what exactly the Brazilian said to get Gordon Ryan so upset, but his words were enough to prompt a slap from the American grappling ace.

More footage from the Gordon Ryan and Andre Galvao scuffle can be seen below (via @HelloJapan01 on Twitter):

Following last night’s altercation, it is hard to deny that Gordon Ryan vs. Andre Galvao is one of the most anticipated grappling matches in recent history.

The pair have been feuding for years and given that Galvao is the reigning ADCC superfight champion, and that Ryan was the 2019 ADCC absolute champion, a super-fight between the pair would make a lot of sense and draw some major eyeballs.

With that said, Galvao will not be next for Ryan. Following his victory last night over Jimenez, it was announced that Gordon would be taking on Vagner Rocha next month.

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