Gordon Ryan mocks Dillon Danis over boxing match with KSI: “I have tons of cars you can clean for me”

By Josh Evanoff - December 16, 2022

Gordon Ryan has given his take on the upcoming boxing debut of Dillon Danis.


‘El Jefe’ has been a controversial figure in the combat sports community for a while now. While he was first introduced to MMA fans through his training with Conor McGregor, Danis has been competing at the top level of jiu-jitsu for a long time.

In 2018, he made his MMA debut for Bellator, picking up a submission win over Kyle Walker. Danis then followed up with yet another submission victory over Max Humphrey the following year to move to 2-0. Sadly, that was the last time he competed in MMA.

Over the last three years, Dillon Danis has stopped actively competing in MMA to instead pivot to boxing. While he was in talks to face either Jake or Logan Paul, neither bout came to fruition. He’s currently set to face another YouTuber, KSI, in January on DAZN pay-per-view.

A former rival of Danis, Gordon Ryan, has decided to give his thoughts on the bout. Despite the pair not facing off since 2017, when ‘King’ earned the victory, they still go back and forth on social media. As Ryan revealed in a post-event press conference after UFC Fight Pass Invitational 3, Danis regularly privately messages him.

Beyond that, Ryan stated that if Danis needs work that badly, he can wash his cars for him.

Dillon Danis, Conor McGregor, Jorge Masvidal

Image via @Dillondanis on Instagram (photographer not listed)

“Dillon is a master of staying relevant without actually doing anything, it’s incredible,” stated Ryan in the media scrum. “I’ve offered him ten-to-one odds, I’ve offered him to compete against Luke at two-to-one odds, I’ve offered every kind of match. He’ll post the 2017 ADCC match every now and then and be like, ‘See I beat the best guy in the world’, hopefully he’s getting paid.”

He continued, “He actually randomly messages me on Instagram all the time at 2 AM. He has to be all drunk or whatever… Great, Dillon, I hope you’re getting paid for this. He’s like, ‘I run the game kid, don’t forget this’, well, if this doesn’t work out or you don’t make that much money, I have tons of cars. You can clean those for me, and I have like five cars to clean and I’ll give you thirty bucks a week or something. He never responded.”

“Hopefully he’s making a lot of money. Hopefully, he doesn’t end up homeless and he manages to stay relevant.”

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