Antonina Shevchenko sounds off on Mike Bell for his 10-8 scorecard in the Noche UFC main event: “Many martial arts experts around the world have many questions for him”

By Harry Kettle - September 19, 2023

Antonina Shevchenko has sounded off on Mike Bell for the 10-8 scorecard he gave during the main event between Valentina Shevchenko and Alexa Grasso at Noche UFC.

Antonina-Shevchenko Valentina

Last weekend, Alexa Grasso and Valentina Shevchenko went to war over the UFC flyweight championship. It was a closely-fought bout and in the end, the result was a split draw. Becuase of this, Grasso retained her belt, leaving Shevchenko with no clear path back to the title.


Many fans were left confused after hearing the scorecards. In particular, there was a lot of confusion surrounding Mike Bell’s decision to award Grasso a 10-8 in the fifth round of the fight.

During a recent Instagram post, Valentina Shevchenko’s sister Antonina made her feelings known.

Shevchenko’s fury

“Valentina you are our champion! @bulletvalentina

I am so sorry that instead of a deserved victory, the result of the fight was a “Draw”.

Which makes me terribly angry and sad!

That because of the meanness of one judge, who scored 5th round as 10-8, today you are not with the belt, as it should be!

I can’t understand where this score came out for him. When half of the round you outstriked your opponent with the hands, and half of the round she was taking your back and sitting there and holding the position. Yes, it was a control time, but no damage. So, 10-8 in round like it??

Unfortunately, the judge could not and will not be able to explain his decision. And many martial arts experts around the world have many questions for him.

You are my hero!

In the first round, you broke a thumb and without even blinking an eye, you continued boxing for all 5 rounds, showing your courage and character! And you didn’t even tell us anything about this injury between rounds, when our coach gave you the instructions of continuing the fight mostly with boxing and punches.

And you didn’t complain in 3rd round about 5 illegal knees that your opponent landed to the head! You continued the fight like a warrior!
Please don’t be upset, my dear sister!

Everyone who saw this fight knows that you are the winner! It was a beautiful, spectacular fight between two high level opponents, with amazing MMA technique, which can be watched over and over.

I admire your technique, your strong personality, will power, fanaticism, love for martial arts and life in general! You are my example! I love you.
And let’s go into the next one!”

Do you agree with Antonina Shevchenko? Should Valentina Shevchenko receive a rematch? Let us know, BJPENN Nation!


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