Dana White teases “crazy” event headliner for UFC 300: “You guys can’t handle the main event”

By Harry Kettle - January 25, 2024

UFC CEO Dana White has teased a major headliner for the upcoming UFC 300 pay-per-view.

Dana White

On April 13, the Ultimate Fighting Championship will put on one of their biggest ever shows. UFC 300 will emanate from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada and we already have ten blockbuster fights that have been announced.

However, it certainly feels like there are still a few open slots for the promotion to make an even bigger splash. Dana White has made it crystal clear that this is going to be a huge occasion full of incredible contests from top to bottom.

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Now, in a recent Instagram Live, White has doubled down on the grandeur of the main event by suggesting it’s going to blow fans away.


White teases major UFC 300 main event

“I just gave you guys a 300 fight. When will you get the main event? You guys can’t even handle the main event. We’re working on a couple of different options. Trust me, the UFC 300 main event is going to be crazy.”

“We have a couple options for the main event. I’m still playing with it, I’m still playing with it. When it’s time, I will give it to you.”

With two and a half months left to go until fight night, it’ll be interesting to see when Dana decides to pull the trigger on the rest of the announcements. Of course, there are a handful of potential matchups that could be made, but it does feel like he’s going above and beyond to suggest that we’re going to get a curveball.

What do you believe Dana White will announce as the UFC 300 main event? Will this show be even bigger than UFC 200? Let us know, BJPENN Nation!


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