UFC Vegas 84 Results: Jim Miller stops Gabriel Benitez (Video)

By Chris Taylor - January 13, 2024

We have you covered for all of tonight’s UFC Vegas 84 results, including the co-main event between Jim Miller and Gabriel Benitez.

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Miller (36-17 MMA) has gone 4-1 over his last five Octagon appearances, scoring finishes in all four of those wins. In his most recent effort this past June, the New Jersey native scored a 23-second knockout victory over Jesse Butler (see that here).

As for Gabriel Benitez (23-10 MMA), ‘Moggly’ has gone 2-3 over his past five fights, his most recent effort resulting in a TKO victory over Charlie Ontiveros this past August. Prior to that win, Benitez was coming off back-to-back knockout losses to Billy Quarantillo and David Onama.

Round one of the UFC Vegas 84 co-main event begins and Gabriel Benitez throws out a 1-2. Jim Miller replies with a jab. Good low kicks from both men. Miller goes upstairs with a 1-2. Benitez with a left. Miller responds with a counter right and then rips the body with a hook. Another exchange of low kicks. Miller lands another. Benitez lands a nice left hook. He comes forward and connects with another left. Miller responds with a low kick and Gabriel hits the deck. He scrambles up to his feet and gets back to range. Jim Miller comes forward with a big combination. He forces the clinch and lands a pair of good knees. Benitez breaks free and throws a 1-2 followed by a low kick. Miller continues to press the action. Gabriel Benitez with a nice jab and then a right to the body. Jim Miller answers with a hard low kick. 90 seconds remain in the opening round. Miller forces the clinch and presses Benitez against the cage. Gabriel breaks free from the position and circles off the fence. The Mexican with a nice 1-2. Miller replies with a low kick. He goes upstairs with a head kick that partially connects. Benitez with a pair of low kicks now. Both men land hook in the pocket. Another low kick from Benitez. He doubles up on his jab. Miller with a hook and then a low kick. The horn sounds to end round one.

Round two of the UFC Vegas 84 co-main event begins and Jim Miller is back to work with his low kicks. Gabriel Benitez with a left hook. He lands another before exchanging low kicks with Miller. Both men with big shots in the pocket now. Miller appeared to land the better shots in that exchange. The UFC veteran lands another nice low kick. He charges in with a flurry. Benitez with a left but eats a hard counter punch to the body. Gabriel triples up on his jab. Miller cracks him with a standing elbow. Another 1-2 from Benitez. Miller shoots and scores a big takedown. Benitez immediately rolls for an armbar, but Miller is wise to it and escapes the threat. Jim Miller with some good ground and pound. Gabriel Benitez rolls for another armbar attempt and almost gets it. ‘A-10’ is able to pull his arm out and gets back to work with ground and pound. He lands a big right hand and then takes the back of his opponent. Miller locks up a body triangle and begins to look for the rear-naked choke. He has twenty seconds to secure the finish.

Round three of the UFC Vegas 84 co-headliner begins and Gabriel Benitez comes out firing. Jim Miller keeps him at bay with a low kick. He follows that up with a nice left hand over the top. Benitez with a left and then a low kick. Miller replies with heavy low kick of his own. He lands another. Jim is now up to 21 leg kicks landed, a career best for the veteran. Benitez continues to work his jab. Miller is definitely wearing some damage on his face. With that said, Benitez’s lead leg is a mess. Miller shoots for a takedown and gets it with ease. Gabriel looks to scramble, but that allows Jim to take his back. Miller begins working for the rear-naked choke and there it is. Benitez taps and this one is all over!

Official UFC Vegas 84 Results: Jim Miller def. Gabriel Benitez via submission in Round 3

Who would you like to see Miller fight next following his victory over Benitez this evening in Las Vegas?