Mark Zuckerberg denies Chael Sonnen’s report about fighting Elon Musk at UFC 300

By Josh Evanoff - June 26, 2023

Mark Zuckerberg has denied Chael Sonnen’s comments about him fighting Elon Musk at UFC 300.

Mark Zuckerberg and Chael Sonnen.

Over the last week, the battle of the billionaires has been the topic of conversation for many fans. On social media, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg teased that they would actually fight each other in the cage. For his part, Dana White later offered to book the contest inside the octagon.

Furthermore, while the situation seemed like a joke at the start, it seems like it might actually happen. Mark Zuckerberg has famously trained in the sport for a while, even competing in a few jiu-jitsu competitions. While Elon Musk doesn’t have any experience, that hasn’t stopped Dana White from teasing a fight announcement over the weekend.

Nonetheless, the fight hasn’t been made as of now. However, earlier today, Chael Sonnen made headlines on The MMA Hour for discussing the potential bout. There, ‘The Bad Guy’ alleged that the fight was already on for UFC 300, and Mark Zuckerberg himself called him and told him the news.


Mark Zuckerberg and Dana White.

Image via: @ufc on Twitter

Naturally, considering Chael Sonnen’s history of telling stories, many fans were skeptical. The former UFC title challenger alleged that the META CEO told him that he requested the bout take place on UFC 300, so Elon Musk had no excuses and a proper timeframe. However, the phone call seemingly never happened.

As first reported by TMZ Sports, Mark Zuckerberg has denied that he spoke with Chael Sonnen regarding a fight with Elon Musk. While a representative denied that any conversation with ‘The Bad Guy’ took place, Dana White has stated as recently as yesterday that he’s working on making the bout.

What do you make of this news? Would you watch Mark Zuckerberg vs. Elon Musk?


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