Matt Brown believes he’s the “front-runner” to face “f*****g legend” Jim Miller at UFC 300

By Cole Shelton - January 15, 2024

Matt Brown has already texted Sean Shelby to try and make the Jim Miller fight at UFC 300.

Matt Brown

After Miller scored a third-round submission over Gabriel Benitez at UFC Vegas 84 on Saturday, he called out Paul Felder and Matt Brown as potential opponents for UFC 300. Miller has competed at UFC 100 and UFC 200, so Dana White has already promised him a spot on April’s historic UFC 300 fight card.

Although Miller is a natural lightweight, Brown wasn’t surprised to be called out by him as he says it’s a fight the two have talked about in the past. He also believes this fight makes more sense than Miller vs. Paul Felder.

“It didn’t really surprise me, me and him have kind of discussed it, not between each other but it’s been out there in space, the world that we live in now, somewhere out in the universe, it’s been discussed… I tried to get on 100 and 200, but it didn’t happen, so I’ve been shooting for 300, already getting ready for that timeline,” Matt Brown told on Monday.

“It works out perfectly for me, and what a great guy to fight against. Jim Miller is a f*****g legend, much respect for him, really love the guy so let’s hope it works… I can’t imagine that I wouldn’t be the front-runner,” Brown continued. “All respect for Paul Felder, he hasn’t fought for how long, and he retired. He makes money talking about fights, he’s sitting cage side watching so he’s doing good money doing that and let me and Jim Miller throw down.”

If the fight does happen at UFC 300, Matt Brown doesn’t think the size difference between he and Miller would be all that substantial. With that said, Brown has full confidence he would be able to keep the fight standing and eventually KO Miller.

“It’s sort of a classic striker vs. grappler matchup, in a sense where I’m going to try and keep it on the feet and knock him out. If he’s smart, he will try and take me down and win on the ground, somehow. I think I can keep it on the feet and knock him out,” Brown said.

If Matt Brown does get the KO win at UFC 300, the 43-year-old hints at it possibly being the final fight of his career.

“It would definitely come down to feel, not sure I would technically retire after this one, I don’t think I could do many more after this one. Get this fight, get this win, I think it would probably be it, I don’t think I’d formally say I’m done with the sport. I’ll kind of think about it as time goes on, but I don’t see me doing more after this, personally, right now,” Brown said.

Although Brown still feels like he can compete at a high-level, he says family reasons could play a role in why he decides to hang them up after UFC 300.

“I don’t really want to make that announcement necessarily because I know how it will feel after I get this win. I’ll be like, I want to do this again. Even if I were to lose, I know I would want to do it again, so I don’t want to make that announcement. It’s not that I want to stop fighting, it’s just that life is in the way,” Brown said.

“Kids are getting older, that is the main thing, missing things with the kids. My son’s in wrestling right now, and I’ll be missing some of his matches to be training, and that’s not so cool anymore, especially now that they are at the age where they will remember me being there. My other son is a golfer, so if it’s him on the podium or my son wrestling being on the podium, I’d rather them remember me being at their match than them being at my fight,” Brown concluded.


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