Alan Jouban: Mike Perry is a “douchebag,” and his fans are “morons”

By Tom Taylor - November 28, 2016

On December 17, at UFC on Fox 22, fan favorite welterweight prospects Alan Jouban and Mike Perry are scheduled to do battle. Given the pair’s shared propensity for violence and excitement, this is one of the most anticipated fights on the MMA horizon.

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In advance of this anticipated showdown, Jouban and Perry have been involved in quite a few heated exchanges on Twitter. As the fight draws ever closer, however, Jouban is beginning to tire of the ceaseless trash talk from Perry. He explained this feeling on the latest episode of the MMA Roasted podcast.

“Every morning it’s just the same sh*t,” Jouban said of Perry’s trash talk. “It’s just like stupid sh*t like “I’m going to f*ck your face with my fist” and I’m like bro what kind of weird ass sh*t is that? He’s just like ‘f*ck you Jouban!'”

“It’s the stupidest responses man,” he said. “I feel like I could murder this guy if I wanted, but I just don’t have the time or the effort. He’s just like a troll man, a troll. If he’s just sitting there all day in his mother’s basement Tweeting, you are never going to win.”

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Instead of engaging Perry, Jouban explained that he’s content to give him the silent treatment until it’s time to fight.

“I’m just going to sleep peacefully [and not reply] while I’m all in his head,” he said. “He’s a douchebag man and I don’t want to get too much into it. I’m not a guy that likes to throw around a lot of insults and I’m not really a negative guy in that way.”

Though Perry has fought just twice in the UFC, his blend of trash talk, bravado and talent has already earned him – and his team – a pretty substantial following. According to Jouban, however, anyone who identifies as a Perry fan is probably a little misguided.

“It’s not a likeable bunch, but it’s funny because they have a small following,” Jouban said, speaking of Perry and his team. “It bugs me because this following that follows this guy, yeah I like to see exciting fights and this guy puts on exciting fights, I respect that, but as a person, if you are following this guy and going like #TeamPlatinum or #TeamPerry that just means you’re a lost sheep.”

“[If] you get some guy pounding his chest with tattoos on his face and saying stupid sh*t and suddenly you’re on his team, then you’re a moron.”

No matter how he feels about Perry and his supporters, however, Jouban assured that he’ll do his talking on fight night.

“I’m not talking sh*t on his family or anything. He [Perry] is saying ‘I’m going to make you my bitch and f*** your pretty little face up.’ Long story short, I’m not losing any sleep over this guy, but it puts that extra little incentive in there to knock this guy out and shut his mouth for sure.”

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