UFC Denver Results: Germaine de Randamie defeats Raquel Pennington (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - November 10, 2018

A key women’s bantamweight bout featuring recent title challenger Raquel Pennington taking on former featherweight champion Germaine de Randamie took place at tonight’s UFC Denver event.

Germaine de Randamie

Germaine de Randamie will fight for the first time since UFC 208 in February of 2017, where she defeated Holly Holm via unanimous decision to claim the promotions inaugural featherweight title.

“GDR” was later stripped of the title, this following an injury and her reluctance to fight current 145-pound champion Cris Cyborg.

As for Raquel Pennington, “Rocky” was last seen in action at UFC 224 where she suffered a TKO loss to Amanda Nunes in her bid for the promotions coveted bantamweight title.

Prior to the setback, Pennington was riding a four fight win streak which included a lop sided win over former division champion Miesha Tate.

Round one begins and Pennington charges forward with a pair of jabs. Germaine de Randamie circles off the fence and fires off a jab of her own. She follows that up with a low kick. Rocky replies with a nice inside low kick. She tries to setup a Superman punch but it is not there. Germaine lands a left hand. Rocky ducks under a punch and pushes “GDR” up against the cage. Pennington works in some knees from the position. She switches to uppercuts. Germaine de Randamie grabs a hold of the clinch and fires off a knee. She lands another hard knee to the body of Pennington. “GDR” goes upstairs with a right hand. Pennington did not like that. More knees now from de Randamie. Pennington switches the position and puts “GDR” back up against the cage. Just under one minute remains in the opening round. The fighters break and Pennington attempts to shoot in for a takedown. Germaine de Randamie stuffs the shot and lands another nice knee. The horn sounds to end round one of this UFC Denver fight.

Round two begins Germaine de Randamie lands a jab followed by a low kick. Pennington comes forward with a jab and then shoots in for a takedown. “GDR” denies the takedown attempt and lands a knee. She follows that up with a crisp right hand. Pennington is back peddling now and de Randamie lands a nice one-two combination. Rocky answers with a straight left. Pennington tries to go high with a kick but “GDR” blocks it and lands a low kick. Pennington with a right hand over the top. Germaine de Randamie circles and then partially lands a head kick. Rocky side steps and then leaps into the pocket with a straight left. “GDR” responds with a hard jab. Two minutes remain in the UFC Denver main card contest. Pennington shoots in and pushes Germaine de Randamie against the cage. She works in a knee and then an uppercut. “GDR” fires back with some short left hands. Rocky with a nice elbow but “GDR” counters with a big left. Both women are swinging for the fences now. Pennington shoots in for a takedown. She goes for a single leg but it is not there. The horn sounds to end round two.

The third and final round of this UFC Denver main card bout begins and Pennington fires off a low kick. “GDR” comes forward and lands one of her own. Rocky leaps in with an uppercut that misses. Germaine de Randamie attempts to close the distance and lands a low kick. Pennington is struggling to get inside. “GDR” snaps her jab but Rocky counters with a left hook. Both ladies with leg kicks now. It is really anyone’s fight at this point. “GDR” comes forward and lands a right hand. She follows that up with an uppercut. Pennington goes to the body with a jab. She shoots in and presses de Randamie against the cage. Both women with knees from the position. They switch to uppercuts as the clock falls below two minutes. The referee is calling for action. He steps in and separates the fighters. We restart and “GDR” lands a left hand. Pennington shoots in and presses the former featherweight champion against the cage. The ladies battle in the clinch while exchanging knees and punches. Germaine breaks free and lands a low kick. The horn sounds to end round three.

Official UFC Denver Result: Germaine de Randamie def. Raquel Pennington via unanimous decision (30-27 x3)


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